Toowoomba Christian Fellowship

Sunday meetings at 9:30am

All visitors welcome

Our Communion Service

Come and join us as we gather each Sunday

Our Sunday Communion Agape service is the high point of our lives each week. Every service is unique and exciting as we fellowship together in the Holy Spirit.

The song leaders for the morning, joined by our choir and orchestra, welcome us and lead us in a time of singing and worship. Many of the songs we sing are original compositions written by members of our church. We often hear from small groups of musicians and singers who encourage us with specially prepared ministry songs.

Our gatherings include a time of spontaneous expression in song as a whole congregation. This song has no musical score and is truly ‘new’ every time we sing. This unique way of singing is described throughout the Scriptures (particularly in the Psalms, Isaiah and Revelation) as the ‘new song’. As the Holy Spirit leads us, the song begins with our response of thankfulness and honour to God, and then proceeds to specific expressions of song played on instruments or sung by individuals.

Some people may also be inspired by the Holy Spirit to sing or speak specific words of praise, encouragement or thanksgiving. These people, along with others filled with the Holy Spirit, will confer together so that what is expressed is clear, valid and in order.

All are welcome to attend our Communion Agape service with us.