What happens when I cannot complete the claim form?

If for some reason the claimant(s) cannot complete and/or sign the Claim Form, they will need to nominate a person under a Power of Attorney. This will authorise the nominated party to act in their favour and lodge the form on their behalf. Accordingly, the Fund will need to sight the Power of Attorney document.

What supporting documentation will I need with my claim?

The following documentation is required in order to substantiate the claim.
Original receipts
Attach all original receipts. This is necessary to enable assessment of your claim without unnecessary delay. If receipts have been destroyed or lost please explain how this occurred by completing a Statutory Declaration, which should also include: If the receipts are located, they will be sent to the TCF; and the Receipts have not been used to claim for compensation elsewhere.

If a payment exceeds $1,000 claimants must provide evidence as to the method of payment for the travel arrangements. If you have paid by the following means we request:

Cheque – copy of front and back of the cheque obtainable from your bank.
Cash – copy of the bankbook from which the money was withdrawn or an explanation by Statutory Declaration.
Direct Deposit – the customer’s copy of the direct deposit slip.
Credit Card – copy of the credit card voucher and credit card statement.

If the amount was paid in cash, with no receipt, the TCF may require the claimant to provide a detailed Statutory Declaration as to how the payment was made, including a full explanation as to the source of the funds. In any case, the TCF must ultimately be satisfied that the payment was made in order to pay a claim. Other documents may also assist, such as itineraries, invoices, quotes or Statutory Declarations from other persons who know the circumstances of the payment.

Is there a time limit for lodging claims?

Claims must be lodged within 12 months of the travel agent not providing the service or where it is clear that the agent will not be able to provide it.¬† Generally, the TCF takes the start of the 12 month period as the date the TCF terminates the agent’s TCF participation, after which the agent can no longer legally trade.

What happens if I lodge a claim outside the 12 month period?

The TCF is not obliged to accept it, but may do so in particular circumstances. The factors which the TCF takes into account are also dealt with in a Guideline.

 Click here to download the Unlicensed Claim Guideline No. 2.