Shop Carefully for Travel Services and Holiday Packages

Consumers are naturally interested in bargains when making travel plans, but it’s a good idea to look beyond the price tag and the glossy travel brochures to get services you can count on.
If a travel bargain seems too good to be true, check the fine print for all the terms and conditions of the package. You may find the trip isn’ t such a bargain after all.

Use a Licensed Travel Agency – the benefit of added protection

In Australia, licensed travel agencies contribute to the Travel Compensation Fund (TCF). The TCF is used to compensate consumers who do not receive any travel services purchased from a licensed travel agency, travel wholesaler or travel supplier. Claims against the TCF are reviewed by an independent Board of Trustees.


Before you book with a travel agent, ask to see their Travel Agents Licence and TCF Certificate – they should be prominently displayed on the premises. It’s the best way to make sure you can apply for compensation if the agency gets into financial trouble and cannot provide the services you have purchased.

Consider Other Risks

When you are making travel plans, contact your travel agent for details on insurance packages.

Claiming Against the Travel Compensation Fund

Consumers who have paid for travel arrangements to a licensed travel agent may lodge a claim with the TCF in respect of financial loss suffered if the agent has:

  • Ceased trading or suffered a financial collapse, and
  • Failed to pass on their money to the travel principal (airlines, hotels, etc.) Travel arrangements may include:
    • Travel by air, land (coach, rail, etc.) or sea
    • Accommodation at hotels or resorts
    • Car hire
    • Airport transfers
    • Admission fees
    • Travellers cheques

The claim must be for loss suffered because the agent failed to account for money paid for travel arrangements and the loss is not covered by the consumer’ s travel insurance.

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