The Travel Compensation Fund is Australia’s primary means of providing compensation to eligible travellers who suffer loss as a result of the financial collapse of a participating travel agency business.
The TCF helps guard against the failure of participating travel agency businesses through financial monitoring of agency accounts.
This website provides consumers with the information required to lodge a compensation claim and explains eligibility.  Travel agency participants can use this website to download useful information and to faciliate electronic lodgement of Annual Financial Reviews.


The Travel Compensation Fund fulfils a number of essential functions that underpin financial stability and consumer security in the Australian travel industry sector.

In order to ensure that, as far as practicable, consumers who pay money to travel agents for travel services receive the appropriate service (or else a refund), the Travel Compensation Fund monitors the financial health of licensed travel agents to ensure that only persons who have sufficient financial resources to trade as a travel agent are TCF participants.


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The Travel Compensation Fund receives monetary contributions from all licensed travel agency participants to ensure that adequate reserves are available for the administration of the Fund and for the TCF to pay compensation to any eligible consumers who have suffered loss as a result of the financial collapse of a participating travel agency business.


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